Children’s Comments

Being allowed to enter into a child’s world in play therapy sessions has been, and remains, a great privilege. I learn so much from each and every little person.


” You go for counselling when you feel angry and sad and the counsellor cheers you up”  – Aron (8 Years old)

“Don’t wish your life away – it’s hard being an adult” – Luca (8 years old)

“Things just change when you’re an adult – it’s just the way it is. It’s tough luck” – Gabriel (9 years old)

” I don’t understand adults – they make the rules and then they break them” – Gabriel (9 years old)

” I don’t understand what ‘back chatting’ is. I listen to what the teacher says to me, I think about it and then give her my opinion….” – Gabriel (9 years)

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